News & Updates


Online Billing User Experience Enhancements -- 28th, January 2015
- GST report updates.
- Standardise all the report and document format.
- Support multiple currencies
- Support multiple bank accounts

The TxBilling can now purchase in yearly basis other than monthly subscription.

GST Module Implementation -- 16th, December 2015
The TxBilling continue growing…
We have recently implement the GST functionalities and report into our billing documents.

- GST Tax Code Category
- GST Tax ID Settings
- GST document update: quotation, invoice, credit note, debit note.
- GST Payable report.
- GST Receivable report.

Inventory Module -- 6th, January 2016
Inventory module has been introduce into the TxBilling. Found below for the functionality update.

- Suppliers contact
- Purchase order
- Goods received notes
- Goods return
- Sales return
- CN with sales goods return
- Stock movement & adjustment
- Stock balance report

EV SSL Security Update -- 8th, December 2015

Thank you for your continue support with TxBilling!
We have recently upgraded our system security to SSL service to protect your data online.

By Using an SSL certificate, it creates an encrypted connection between the your web browser and the web server. This means that any data transmitted between the web server and the web browser cannot be read without first being decrypted.

This protects the data from being spied upon by someone else on the internet because they will not be able to understand the encrypted data.

Now, we can rest assured that the information you enter on TxBilling secured page is private and can't be viewed by cyber crooks.

Billing Functionalities Updates -- 10th, November 2015
Greetings! We sincerely thank you for your continue supports with us!

Below are some system upgrades for TxBilling.

The following modules have add new features:
1. Quotation
Printed Quotation able to show GST and service charge. Based on the setting you choose.

2. Purchase order
You may now create new purchase orders’ items follow the cost price.

3. Items list
You may now add in new item & fill in cost price.
Same goes to edit old item & edit cost price.

4. Sales order
Printed sales order has included GST and service charge.

5. Credit note
You may now Create new credit note & select company name and person name now.
Thus, When edit credit note can view company name and person name.

6. Debit note
You may now create new debit note & select company name and person name now.
Thus, When edit debit note can view company name and person name.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further assistance!