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To make purchase decision for an online billing system easier,
we offer a software comparison of rates side by side.

ONLINE Billing
(UB*, EM*S, AUTO****)
Manual Hand
System Upgrade Free Pay Separately Pay Separately
Firewall & Antivirus Yes Self-Manage Self-Manage
Security 256-Bit SSL Self-Manage Self-Manage
Green Living Yes Yes No
Comparison Summary Save cost & convenience for multi-location management. Reinstallation & Upgrade charge separately. If you prefer to manage your business traditional way.
Conveniences Comparison
Online Flexibility Yes
Access at Desktop, Laptop, iPad, Smartphone Yes
Save Time and Effort Yes
Learn & Become Expert In 1 Hour GUARANTEE !
Easy for New Staff Training GUARANTEE !
Features Comparison
No# of Customers Account Unlimited for all package Limited
No# of Suppliers Account Unlimited for all package Limited
Intelligent keywords search for document Yes
Multiple user operate at the same time Yes
Multiple user login from different location Yes
Auto reminders will be send for pending payment Yes
Data Keeping for years Forever Yearly Archive Yearly Archive
Help & Support Comparison
Telephone Support Yes Yes
Email Support Yes Yes
FAQs Yes Yes
Live Chat Service Yes
Video User Guide Yes !